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While diving at El Arco you will find some spectacular scenery with underwater volcanic rocks and arches.

Name Dive Site:Arco
Depth: 5-15m (16-49ft)
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Because the north coast of Tenerife faces the almost constant Trade Winds, it is difficult to find days on which we can dive in a calm sea, and this must be taken into account when planning a safe dive to El Arco. This dive is accessed from the same point as Las Anclas, but this time we continue north-west towards some nearby rocky platforms which can be seen at the surface. We swim out at the surface to save air, and submerge at the first rock to the seabed at 11 meters, continuing north until we reach the tip of the next rock.

The sea floor is furnished with very interesting volcanic formations, and quite shallow, so on a day with good visibility we may enjoy a splendid underwater landscape, providing an entertaining day's diving. We dive here surrounded by various groups of white bream, damsel fish, grey trigger fish, red hog fish, sea chub, etc. Small fish loiter at the entrance to the first arch, selling their bodies as feed for comb and dusky groupers. Groups of cow bream feed on the algae they find on the surface of the rock.

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