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A rocky basaltic pinnacle drops almost sixty meters down, starting just above the surface, offering shelter for smaller marine life and attracting predators.

Name Dive Site:Baja de los Realejos
Depth: 5-60m (16-196ft)
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Baja de los Realejos lies approximately one kilometer from the coast off its namesake village to the west of Puerto de la Cruz. Due to the conditions at sea that predominate in this area, along with the possibility of currents and the distance from the coast, this dive is only recommended during optimum conditions. The proposed routes circle the rocky platform, in one direction or the other, depending on the direction and strength of the currents.

The platform consists of a rocky peak of basalt which rises almost vertically from the sea floor more than 60 meters down, forming various steps. This is one of the sites where we can see the greatest abundance and variety of fauna. The platform serves as shelter to many small fish: mackerel, sardines, etc. which in turn attract large predators such as almaco jacks, striped barracudas, comb groupers and dusky groupers. We see African striped grunts, glasseyes, morays, etc. among the rocks.

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