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La Carrera

Name Dive Site:La Carrera
Depth: 15-16m (49-52ft)
Visibility: 10-30m (32-98ft)
Accessibility: Speedboat
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Best dive-season / How to get there: From our Dive Centre located on the main Beach next to Waikiki you will prepare for this dive. Following buddy checks and dive briefing you will walk a short distance of approximately 20 metres into the sea. At waist height our 7 metre Zodiac RIB will be waiting for you to pass your equipment up to the captain. Using the ladder you will enter the boat and take a short trip out to this dive site.

This divesite is called La Carrera which in English means... The Race Track. This is due to the unique similarity the volcanic rocks have formed into the shape of a race track. In the centre is a large sandy platform where you will often see several varieties of sting rays and angel sharks resting on the sand. Look up and you are likely to sea Large Yellow Mouth Barracuda, Sea Bream, Sardines, White Travelly and Amberjacks etc. Surrounding this sandy area is an oval of rocks making the race track shape. At the far end their are many overhangs you can go under to find the likes of Sea Slugs, Arrow Crabs, Several kinds of Moray Eels, Octopus, Groupers, Glass Eye and Hermit Crabs. Along the outer walls of this reef you will find some shallow caves housing Zebra Bream, Ornate Wrasse, Damsel Fish and much much more. Coming down the anchor line is such an amazing view. This is when you realise what we mean by La Carrera as its difficult to imagine when you hear our briefing. You have to see this for yourself to believe how amazing this dive site is. Sea Life.... SEE LIFE !!

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Name: diving_places

Diving la Carrera, at the southeast coast of Lobos island, there is a dive point called La Carrera. In the past, its coasts were the habitat of monk seals, now extinct, and threatened species elsewhere. Here the sea bed is flatter. We can distinguish a horseshoe formation, similar to a sunken crater with white sand in the centre, and volcanic rocks forming crevices and caves at about 15m depth.
Life forms: Monkfish can be seem at the sand and in the caves, glass eyes, greater locust lobsters, dusky groupers etc…
Dive: Valid for all levels of divers, it’s protected by the local winds from Lobos island. The route is following the contour of the crater and return to the starting point.

Name: dive_center_corralejo

To the southeast of the Isle of Lobos is the formation of Carrera, only reachable by boat at approximately twenty minutes from Corralejo. In this area the bottom is flat white sand and the reef that surrounds it is shaped like a volcanic crater. This rock is formed from basaltic volcanic furnace, which contains of many cracks and crevices. In the sandy centre the maximum depth is approx 16 meters. The surrounding rocky area is between 10 and 12 metres deep. In the sand you can find Stingrays, and Eagle Rays, as well as Angel Sharks, and in the surrounding rocky areas and small caves are Canarian Lobster, Groupers Zebra Bream , Parrot Fish, Amber Jacks, Barracuda, Saddled Bream, Bermuda Sea Chup, Cow Bream, Guelly Jacks and Morays.

Diving is fine for all certified divers and as it is usually protected from the North wind, it represents a good alternative if weather conditions prevent diving in other more exposed areas. It is a peaceful dive and its waters are usually exceptionally clear. The recommended route is to follow the contour of the crater all the way around, until you return to the starting point, take time to explore the cracks and crevices.

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