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La Bajita is a dive site filled with excellent volcanic remains such as lava blocks and holes.

Name Dive Site:Bajita
Depth: 5-25m (16-82ft)
Inserted/Added by: la_palma_diving_center

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La Bajita is a rock formation consisting of light rock down to 25 m depth. There you find: ray, sea stars, sea slugs and arrow crabs. The entry is really very easy, you pass a concrete ramp between fishing boats in the water and find yourself in clear water. You dive down in shallow water and then it goes along towards the south east over light blocks with many small fishes to enormous lava boulders, very bizarre with holes and cliffs. All this happens on partly white subsoil. Finally we reach the "edge of the island". Here the sand bends sharply downward, you can dive a little bit further down and allow yourself to be intoxicated, but careful, you can lose the feeling for the depth very quickly. On the way the divers are accompanied occasionally by some very nosey plane head filefishes, also you can expect Atlantic cornet fishes. Very clear and clean water and no current complete the scene. Coming up we visit a small bay in the north of the entry bay, here again clear water and fantastic rock formations down to 5 m of depth.(10-15m)

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Name: lex

The max depth of this divesite is 40 (if you want)! At 40 meters starts black coral.

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