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Radazul is a small town east of Tenerife with some excellent and slightly remote diving.

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By the harbor at the town of Radazul, 15 km south of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is also some great diving to be found. Tenerife, at this point, hardly has a shelf, but rather plummets sharply to great depths as soon as we move away from the shore, and therefore the route we recommend sticks close to the dock breakwater to a maximum depth of 30 meters.

When we reach the edge of the blocks that form the breakwater, the sea floor plunges abruptly down a bank made up of rocks and areas of accumulated sand, shaping small caves and ridges, rapidly reaching depths of more than 100metres. Among the dock's blocks we spot parrot fish, trumpet fish, glasseyes, etc., and around them shoals of small fish seek refuge from the attacks of the striped barracudas, almaco jacks and comb groupers that come here to feed.

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- Mermaid Diving, Terrazas de la Paz, Golf del Sur, Tenerife

Mermaid Diving

Mermaid Diving
00 34 679 392 276
 Terrazas de la Paz
Golf del Sur, Tenerife

Tenerife Diving is amongst the best in the world so why not come and start your underwater adventures today. We are the only PADI Dive centre on the golf.

We are able to offer the full range of PADI courses from a try dive experience through to becoming a divemaster. So join us today for a fun, relaxed and safe experience. Also available a huge range of non-diving excursions to ensure all memebers of your group have a fantastic time in Tenerife.

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