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Las Anclas is the Spanish name for the anchors which are found here in large numbers on the ocean floor.

Name Dive Site:Anchors
Depth: 10-26m (32-85ft)
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To the north of Corralejo towards Lanzarote, at approximately 2 miles off shore, and 15 minutes by boat, is located the wall of Las Anclas or The Anchors. Thus named because of a large number of old boat anchors which can be found at this dive site. The edge of the wall falls from a reef of 17 meters down to 26 meters.

You will find sea anemone, as well as yellow and red sea fans. Many types of Rays such as, Sting Rays, Eagle Rays, Duckbill Rays and Torpedo Rays are flying across the sand. Other species to be found are; Canarian Lobsters, Crabs, Spiders, Barred Hog Fish, Yellow Tie Guelly Jacks Groupers, Breams, Barracuda, Glasseyes, Striped Mullets and the occasional deep sea fish.

Because of conditions here the dive site is suitable for more advanced divers, as there is usually some current, which can be attributed to weather conditions. It is impossible to dive in the open sea at this dive spot. Instead the recommended route is towards one of the sides, having the edge of the wall to one shoulder and making the return in the opposite direction when your contents gauge indicates 100 bar. You will then find yourself close to the anchor of the boat.


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