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A list of the best rated dive movies in Canary Islands.

Cabron, Marina Reserva Arinaga

Rated 2.3, 3 votes

Diving in the El Cabrón Marine Reserve on the east coast has developed such a reputation for the variety and quantity of marine life that it has not only been proposed as a marine reserve, but an underwater guidebook has already been produced by the local council. But it is not just the marine life which makes this area special for scuba diving, as the underwater scenery is stunning, with natural arches, caves, tunnels, swim-throughs and cliffs. From the main entry point there are at leas...


Rated 2.3, 3 votes

Excellent diving spots (Abades Playa, Abades Cave & Barracuda Point, Abades Mountain, Abades Bay) for beginners and experimented divers alike, with a reef ranging between 1 and 8 m depth and interesting rock formations between 10 and 20 m depth. Good visibility in the winter as well, no fish farms in the area, for long dives in the area the use of DPV scooters is the best option. Many kind of rays, angel sharks, barracudas, trumpet fish, moray eels, octopus, cuttlefish, nudibranches, anemone...


Rated 2.0, 3 votes

Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands with El Teide National park and its highest peak (3718m) as the primary landmark. The northwest is wetter and greener than the rocky and dry south-east. Southeast touristic towns such as Playa de las Americanas, Costa Adeje and Los Christianos have become popular packaged tourist resorts with excellent beaches and boulevard walks. Nearby, some fabulous windsurfing and kite surfing is done at the beach of El Medano. Popular tours around the is...