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The Cathedral is a huge cavern on the north shore of Gran Canaria, only dived when the weather is good.

Name Dive Site:Cathedral
Depth: 12-45m (39-147ft)
Inserted/Added by: davy_jones_diving

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The Cathedral lies just outside Las Palmas, this dive can only be reached by boat, and only when the wind and tide conditions are favorable. You will have to pick one of those rare days when the north-easterly trade winds are not blowing, and there is no on-shore swell. The Cathedral or La Cathedral is a cavern dive where you descend to the sea-bed at 12-14m, then through large natural hoes into the cavern below. The cavern then stretches down to an amazing 45m, with light streaming in through the entry points above you in the roof. The underwater geology is spectacular, but marine life can be a little sparse after some of the island's sites, although you can expect to find prawns, crabs and other inhabitants of limited light. This is a dive for those with more experience, particularly if there is some swell.

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Name: dive_academy_gran_canaria

Las Palmas the Cathedral is a dive for the more experienced Scuba Diver as the maximum depth is 42m. There are a number of very large arches joining together in the middle, which create a Cathedral with shafts of sun light shining through all the arches. A truly amazing sight!! There are also many caves which twist around the arches which gives you plenty of opportunities to explore.

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