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The Steps is named after a series of volcanic rock formations that look like staircase steps.

Name Dive Site:Steps
Depth: 13-30m (42-98ft)
Inserted/Added by: island_divers

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The Steps or Los Escolones is a nice dive site in Tenerife. From the anchor line in 13m we drop off a wall passing a large shoal of silver and yellow 'Silema' to a sandy bottom at 18m. Onward through a good sized swim through, full of Trumpet Fish that seem to hover motionless in the water, before swimming gently down the ledges to 30m. The volcanic rock formations here resemble huge steps, on a ledge at 30 meters looking out into the blue if we are lucky we can encounter tuna and dolphin passing by in the currents that pass this place and can be strong at times.

Sometimes we can venture over the drop off to view a large undercut in the rock that adorns with Black coral and soft coral's. Turning shoreward, we ascend slowly with the seabed often seeing Rays and Angel Shark on our swim back towards the coast. On reaching the base of the wall, we turn to the right where usually a large shoal of Barracuda can be seen. Climbing the basalt rock formation we swim up to approx 6m. A great place for photography and video.


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- Atlantic Divers., Costa del Silencio, Tenerife

Atlantic Divers.

Atlantic Divers
0034 922784480
0034 922784480
 Costa del Silencio

Atlantic Divers Tenerife, one of the largest scuba diving centres in Tenerife. A

- Dive Tenerife, Calle Consuelo Alfonso Diaz 12, Las Galletas, Tenerif...

Dive Tenerife

Dive Tenerife
(+34) 661 553 309
 Calle Consuelo Alfonso Diaz 12
Las Galletas, Tenerife

We can offer some of the best Scuba Diving in Europe. Tenerife's volcanic origins have created an underwater world of enormous beauty with spectacular rock formations and an abundance of marine life. Tenerife is surrounded by sub tropical waters and with a climate to match diving in Tenerife is possible all year round.

Dive Tenerife is a PADI and BSAC facility located in the popular resort of Las Galletas, on the south coast of Tenerife. The Dive Centre is run by Pete & Debbie Grant who together with their friendly and professional staff offer first class facilities, year round diving for the certified diver, plus the full range of PADI core diving courses and 12 PADI Specialty Courses for those wishing to advance their diving skills and experience.
- Tenerife Dive, Parque Don Jose Local No 4 Costa Del Silencio, Arona ...

Tenerife Dive

Tenerife Dive
0034 922730302
 Parque Don Jose Local No 4 Cos...
Arona Tenerife

PADI 5* IDC dive centre family run by British trained instructors. All diving organisations welcome. We offer courses from the complete beginner to instructor level. Accommodation available close to the dive centre in Costa Del Silencio.


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Name: atlantic_divers

One of the best dives here in Tenerife. After extensive clearing of the Lime Urchins, it has developed into an amazing site. The regroweth of marine plants has brought in a diversity of sea life. The lave rock formations are stunning, likened to the Giants Causeway in Ireland. A dive we do regularly and one not to be missed.

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