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Diving at dive site Poris de Abona

Name Dive Site:Poris de Abona
Depth: 0-20m (0-65ft)
Inserted/Added by: xavier_fehrenbach

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Poris de Abona is a small village on the east side of Tenerife near Abades. You can dive at the dive sites Poris Mole, Poris Port and Beach or at Poris Old Mans Cove. Poris Mole is an easy dive entered by giant stride. You can see sponges covering interesting steep rock formations and beautiful walls, gully jack, shrimps, starfish, stingray in the sandy areas. It is a dive site sheltered from prevailing winds. The Port and Beach dive is for all levels and serves as a good alternative for Abades if there are southern winds. You will spot lots of small colorful fish, colorful sponges covering the rocks at shallow depth and stingrays on the sandy areas below 10 m. Poris Old Mans Cove is slightly more difficult. There is a small cave, beautiful overhangs and a rocky bottom. You can find electric rays, stingrays, grouper, glass eyes, angel sharks and barracuda.

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