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The Hole in the Wall is one of the best dives on Gran Canaria featuring a nice cave that can be entered through a hole in the reef wall.

Name Dive Site:Hole in the Wall
Depth: 5-24m (16-78ft)
Inserted/Added by: davy_jones_diving

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Dive site Hole in the Wall is not only the most spectacular, but also one of the more challenging dives, and can only be attempted when the winds and currents are favorable. The dive begins with an entry from a reef into a v-shaped channel with a depth of about 5 meters; we then descend to 14 meters by swimming down through a hole and out through a cave that gives the site its name. Swim down the slope for 25 meters and you are then greeted by the amazing sight of a large archway filled with Trumpet Fish and Bream, following a slope that quickly drops down to a maximum depth of 24 meters.

If you have not yet been amazed by the diversity of life on this dive, swim on for another 100 meters and the sight of around two thousand bastard grunts (or roncadores) in a large 'fish ball' confronts you. There is also a school of Striped Bream with the ever present Barracudas in search of a quick snack. The Barracudas can grow up to 1.2 meters long and are at the top of the food chain here. You are also likely to see Eagle Rays, Morays, Marble electric Rays and Common Sting Rays as well as the occasional Angel Shark. Common fish include bream, grouper, nudibraches and many of the other common Canarian species. There are also two caves on this dive, and divers with good air consumption and appropriate qualifications can be taken here to see rarer species such as forkbeard, leopard spotted goby, Canarian lobster, prickly shrimp and yellow coral. Hole in the Wall is rated as a favorite site by those lucky enough to get the right conditions to attempt it.


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Name: dive_academy_gran_canaria

Hole in the Wall is a great dive which starts with a reef on your left hand side which comes up two meters from the sandy bottom, with a maximum depth of 24m. Then there is a hole in the wall which you can swim through taking you to the other side of the main reef. This hole is like a magic door, as once you are through it, you will be amazed by the number of fish above you. There is a cave which has a chimney up through the main reef allowing natural light to fill the inside of the cave.

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