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Punta de la Sal:
Punta de la Sal is the deepest part of the El Cabr


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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Canary Islands.

Palm Mar Cave

Rated 4.6, 9 votes

Cueva de Palm Mar or Palm Mar Cave is a real Tenerife high-light for the advanced diver and yet only 10 minutes from Los Christianos and las Galletas, as it contains everything we long for in a dive; incredible visibility, a very mysterious cave, some deep diving action and a lot of ferocious looking predators! At 16 meters we leave the anchor behind swimming off the edge of a cliff down to the cave entrance at 30 meters. En route we pay a visit to several dark warrens, filled with moray eels, f...


Rated 5.0, 3 votes

Outside the harbor the seabed becomes steep very quickly. While places off La Palma are steep, off El Hierro the drop-offs are vertical. Only a few hundred meters from the coast is the legendary El Bajon, exposed to strong currents and deep. Theoretically you can see the complete Atlantic fauna swimming by; you just need a bit of luck. You can certainly see fish in great numbers at this spectacular dive site, which is probably one of the most popular of El Hierro. ...

Blue Hole

Rated 5.0, 2 votes

Viewing the Blue Hole from below gives the dive site its name. The top of the hole is at approx 25m and drops to about 35 meter. A torch is recommended to get the most from this dive. Things to see are Great Barracuda, Large Grouper, Angel shark and Sting Rays....


Rated 5.0, 2 votes

Las Salinas is in the central part of the island near some restored salt works, just south from the airport, past the el Castillo complex. Diving starts just in front of the inlet water, where the seabed starts at seven meters and rapidly slopes down to forty meters as we move away from shore. It's made up with large rocks resting on each other creating grottoes and cracks. Life forms: Swimming around are striped barracudas darting almaco jacks while in the in the rocks glass eyes, greater l...


Rated 5.0, 2 votes

The desert is a dive site located to the northeast of the maritime Restinga Fishing Reserve inside of Mar de Las Calmas. The boat is anchored approximately 200 meter from the shore line. At a depth of 10 meters where there is an abundance of sea weed and rocks you will find large patches of black volcanic sand. To the south there is a barrier parallel to the coast which drops down to 45 meters where caves and crevices can be found. Marine life regularly spotted here are wrasse, a large colony o...


Rated 5.0, 1 votes

La Bajita is a rock formation consisting of light rock down to 25 m depth. There you find: ray, sea stars, sea slugs and arrow crabs. The entry is really very easy, you pass a concrete ramp between fishing boats in the water and find yourself in clear water. You dive down in shallow water and then it goes along towards the south east over light blocks with many small fishes to enormous lava boulders, very bizarre with holes and cliffs. All this happens on partly white subsoil. Finally we reach t...

Boca Cangrejo

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

You will find a high concentration of moray eels, starfish and sea anemones at dive site Boca Cangrejo. Other species include stingray, angel shark, and garden eels on sandy bottoms, sardine, pelagic fish spotted occasionally, small walls, sponges and sea urchins covering the rocks from 10 m depth. There are two possible dive sites on two different rock formations. It is a deep dive, preferably dived with boots, difficult entry if rough and heavy currents with good protection behind walls....


Rated 5.0, 1 votes

First there is a platform extending from the coast to about 12 meters in depth, until it drops down to 25 meters deep. The whole ridge of La Caleta is full of caves and crevices with in the east a large stone arch. There is a great amount of comb groupers in a striking yellow color, some shoals of red hogfish and queen triggerfish. The abundance of sea life and the beauty of the seabed makes it an ideal place for night diving. ...


Rated 5.0, 1 votes

We dive in on a little gravel and sandy beach and start snorkeling southwards for a few minutes. The diving is in depth of approx. 4 to 6 m. Through little canyons and lava rocks we reach the Atlantic cornetfish cave after fifteen minutes. Diving southward we reach a deep declining slope up to 35 meter deep, which we follow. Approximately ten minutes later, we find a 38 meter deep archway, which we can dive through. Behind this, at a depth of 40 to 45 meter, an imposing rock tower named the &quo...

Hole in the Wall

Rated 5.0, 1 votes

Dive site Hole in the Wall is not only the most spectacular, but also one of the more challenging dives, and can only be attempted when the winds and currents are favorable. The dive begins with an entry from a reef into a v-shaped channel with a depth of about 5 meters; we then descend to 14 meters by swimming down through a hole and out through a cave that gives the site its name. Swim down the slope for 25 meters and you are then greeted by the amazing sight of a large archway filled with Tru...