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La Bocaina is a nice dive site with a coral reef filled with loose rocks and deep caves.

Name Dive Site:Bocaina
Depth: 10-25m (32-82ft)
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La Bocaina, on the same ridge as Calamareo but further west, towards Lobos, is another interesting spot with almost the same characteristics. Here the barrier is lower with more loose rocks and deeper caves, with a sandy bed and big rocks. Life forms: Inside the caves we find glass eyes, larger fork beards, greater locust lobsters, etc. Swimming in open water are barracudas, dusky groupers, and parrotfish. Dive: Also the Ferry uses this channel to pass around. Currents are not extremely strong running in the direction north to south, depending on the tide. Most divers follow the contour of the barrier to your west side along its deeper part around 25 meters. Halfway you return to the starting point and don't forget to bring a torch as many caves are dark.


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